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Information about the Chamber

The Polish Chamber of Railway Equipment Producers and Railway Service Providers is a self-government and a non-profit institution which encompasses business entities connected with the railway market. The Chamber’s principal goal is to represent, protect the interest of our members as well as inspire and promote development of rail transport in Poland. The Chamber was established in 1999 based on the Chambers of Commerce Act by 101 entities connected with the railway market. The Chamber’s registered office is in Bydgoszcz. The Chamber currently encompasses 180 entities. Our activity is based on organising thematic conferences, seminars, economic missions, training courses, workshops and exhibition activity at such trade fairs as: TRANSEXPO, INNOTRANS, ENERGETAB, ENERGETICS and other fairs which offer a great opportunity to present our activity to a number of customers operating not only in the railway business.

We also conduct information and publishing activities. Our bimonthly magazine ‘Raport Kolejowy’ (‘Railway Report’) is widely recognized by the industry. It contains interviews, opinions, reports from conferences and meetings as well as trade coverage.

A yet another of our magazines, ‘Katalog Firm’ (‘Business Directory’), is published in 7 thousand copies and delivered free of charge to a number of companies some of which are not connected with the railway business. ‘Katalog Firm’ is the symbol of the Chamber and its Members. It is also an information medium for potential customers and contracting parties.

We also render services within the scope of consulting, market research, searching for and acquiring business partners and promotion in Poland and abroad.

The Polish Chamber of Railway Equipment Producers and Railway Service Providers became a recognized brand and a strong player on the rail transport market throughout 15 years of its operations.

We are a connector between companies operating in the railway business, scientific institutions and representatives of the authorities. Having the interest of companies connected to us in mind we cooperate, among others, with the PKP Group, Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, the office of Rail Transport and the railway institute.

Polska Izba Producentów Urządzeń i Usług na Rzecz Kolei
ul. Jana Karola Chodkiewicza 17, 85-065 Bydgoszcz

e-mail: sekretariat@izbakolei.pl
telefon: +48 52 324 93 80
faks: +48 52 331 25 30

NIP 967 10 47 950
KRS 00000 25768 Sąd Rejonowy w Bydgoszczy XIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejstru Sądowego
Regon 092 454 672
Konto ING Bank Śląski Oddział Bydgoszcz 41 1050 1139 1000 0022 9700 3499



Dyrektor Generalny
Adam Musiał
tel.: 52 324 93 80

Dorota Markiewicz
tel.: 52 324 93 80

Sylwia Piechocka
tel.: 52 324 93 80
tel.: 577 317 911

Karolina Mazurek-Ligowska
tel.: 52 324 93 80

Anna Tomaszewska
tel.: 508 501 092

Aleksandra Jasińska
tel.: 508 501 037

Zbigniew Wiśniewski
tel.: 508 500 995

Z-ca Redaktora Naczelnego
Radosław Karwicki
tel.: 508 501 069

Doradca ds. Kluczowych Klientów
Anna Modrzejewska
tel.: 501 797 551

Specjalista ds. Marketingu
Edyta Studzińska
tel.: 500 474 832

Doradca ds. Kluczowych Klientów
Justyna Bartczak
tel.: 795 022 754

Doradca ds. Kluczowych Klientów
Katarzyna Umińska
tel.: 508 603 310

Pracownik Redakcji
Lena Szuster
tel.: 536 712 192

Doradca ds. Kluczowych Klientów
Karolina Karólczak-Morawska
tel.: 508 501 012

Doradca ds. Kluczowych Klientów
Rafał Hinc
tel.: 577 337 624

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